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Why Buy Bitcoin?
Bitcoin enables users to send or receive money anywhere in the world with final fulfillment at around an hour. This cuts out exchanges and other intermediaries that can make sending money to other countries confusing and slower.
Inflation resistant.
There is a finite supply of bitcoin and there will never be more than 21 million bitcoin in existence. Because of this, bitcoin is considered a deflationary currency, meaning that the supply can’t increase to meet demand, causing an increase in value and price.
Decentralized currency.
Since bitcoin isn’t owned or controlled by anyone, cryptocurrency there is no central authority that can change, create, or reallocate bitcoin. This keeps bitcoin protected from the traditional vulnerabilities of money, including hacking, devaluing, printing, and Binance so on.
Modern-day gold.
Bitcoin is very similar to gold in that it has a very limited supply, btc is difficult to obtain, bitcoin and is able to be stored offline. It also solves gold’s major drawback by being instantly tradeable around the world—and it’s a lot easier to carry around!
Equity and accessibility.
Anyone can create a wallet and use it to buy and sell bitcoin with anyone else at any time. As a currency, this makes bitcoin incredibly accessible, even in developing nations. With bitcoin, the unbanked and underbanked of the world can trade freely with the most cutting-edge investor.
Partial coins are still valuable.
If you feel like bitcoin is just too expensive, worry not! Most investors today do not own an entire bitcoin and instead focus on "bits" or "satoshi," which are both fractional measures of a bitcoin and are likely to become terms we hear more often in coming years.
Secure, btc auditable transaction history.
Every Bitcoin transaction is logged and cross-checked within the blockchain network. Since this record is shared and verified across users around the world, there is no single point of access for hackers or bad actors to hijack. Contrary to what you may have heard, the Bitcoin network has never been successfully hacked.
Potential for future growth.
As bitcoin continues to gain more supporters around the world, the price has climbed dramatically in recent years. Many bitcoin supporters believe that today we’ve only seen a fraction of the eventual price and invest in the coin for that reason alone.
Business-friendly transactions.
Bitcoin’s incredibly fast, secure global payment processing offers unique benefits for businesses, organizations, and individual users alike. Bitcoin for business-to-business transactions alone has incredible potential for growth in coming years.
This information is provided for informational purposes only. We cannot give financial advice. For questions about purchases of cryptocurrency, please consult with a financial advisor or btc licensed tax professional.image

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